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Our Mission

The Lightfield Foundation was incorporated in the District of Columbia, USA, on February 2, 2009, as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, with the purposes of:

1) Developing and bringing into public awareness scientific understanding regarding the relationships between consciousness, energy, matter and the structure of the Universe, and

2) Implementing and bringing into active use technologies which elevate human consciousness and human potentials.


We live in a society which has come to believe that science shows man to be simply a biochemical organism randomly evolved by environmental circumstances, that human consciousness is solely a matter of brain chemistry and electromagnetic waves, that matter is substantial and the physical world quite independent of any aspect of consciousness, that health continually requires monitoring and intervention in order to be sustained, and that the Universe is a random product of chaos.

However, an increasingly broad array of credible scientific evidence produced by leading experts in their fields at World-class institutions shows these widely accepted beliefs to be false, pointing to a different reality: the spiritual nature of man, the non-locality and omniscience of consciousness, the non-physical nature of matter, the ability of consciousness to influence matter and the physical world, the natural character of health and the existence of an innate ability to heal ourselves of virtually anything, and a relationship of interconnectivity and order among all things that is pervasive throughout the Universe.

Over the past thirty years discoveries have been made that evidence the existence of a sixth fundamental field in physics (in addition to electric, magnetic, gravitational, and strong and weak nuclear attraction fields), with properties that link human consciousness, matter and energy in all of their manifestations, and define reality to be far more amazing, empowering and hopeful than what the World has previously been programmed by our educational institutions and the media at large to expect. The new paradigm that is emerging from the latest scientific discoveries indicates huge untapped capacities for mankind, individually and collectively, and the potential to realize our goals in a manner that is in concert with, rather than in conflict with, each other, the planet and the Universe.


Presently the Foundation relies solely on donations as the source of funding its activities. Our foundation is a 501(c)3
non-profit charity dedicated to reconnecting humanity with its innate capacities. We greatly appreciate any and all donations to this important mission, as we rely entirely upon the generosity of our patrons to enable our continuing activity. Our services are provided to you and everyone in the spirit of Unconditional Love.


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